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So you’ve heard about online real estate auctions and are curious on what it is. In short an online auction is an auction of the real estate or the items from a real estate auctioned online. A typical real estate auction will bring buyers on-site to bid on the property and items the same day. An online auction can range over a set number of days and is done online. 

Bidders will register and create a username at the web address of where the online auction is located. Some of the most common online auction websites for real estate are:


Auction Flex

Live Auctioneers

Benefits of Online Auctions

Online auctions provide an unmetered reach on who can attend, view, and bid on the auction. People can bid from the comfort of their own home while watching a movie.

Don’t Need to Worry about Location/Weather
With an online auction you don’t have to worry about the location and weather of the auction. Because it’s online even if it’s raining you can still have thousands of people actively engaged and bidding.

More Convenient Auction Times
A lot of on-site auctions regardless of the location and industry have a set date and time. With an online auction the auction could expand over a months time with some items even going longer if you really want them to sell.

Creates Higher Demand
Since E-Bay and Facebook Marketplace, online auctions have been very popular and only increasing in popularity as technology keeps expanding. Your online auction can create a lot of demand. The more eyes the higher the demand.

At Ron Gregory Realty & Auction, Inc. we have recently expanded heavily into online auctions. With our dedicated online auction team we are guaranteed to help you with any and all of your needs.

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