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An estate auction sale is a complete liquidation of the personal items of an estate. Not to be confused with a garage sale, estate sales are beneficial when looking to downsize items after a divorce, death, bankruptcy, etc. Estate auction sales are also not tag sales. Tag sales are estate sales where all items are pre-priced and open to the public, essentially putting a limit of what the estate will bring. Often times, items will not sale for the ‘tagged” price, but lower. It is limited. Bringing the auction method to an estate liquidation sale creates a market where the highest bidder wins, not a predetermined price ceiling.  

In an estate or liquidation situation, all items do not have to be sold. Prior to the signing of the auction contract, the family or business owner can remove what items they want to retain, unless it is a court ordered sale and then everything is dictated by the courts. The estate owners will, if deceased, can also come into play. 

An estate auction sale can be a specific date or set of dates over a specified period of days, weeks, or weekend, where the public will have the opportunity to bid on items up for sale. There are live, online, and simulcast estate auction formats.

How can I find out about estate sales?

Estate sales are always happening. One of the best ways to find estate sales happening in your area is to google “estate sales”. Two common sites to locate estate sales in your area are and

You can also contact us for more specific information on estate sales in the Greater Nashville and middle TN area. 

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