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Nashville TN Estate Sale Options

Your Nashville Estate Sale Options

There are several paths you can take when it comes to estate sales. With real estate, you can do a live onsite auction or a live online auction. Both real estate and personal items can be sold online or at a live onsite auction. 

Another option is to just sell the personal items online and list the real estate property on the private market as a traditional real estate sale. 

In the third situation there may only be personal items to sell. In this situation we would recommend an online auction to sell these items.

What Is An Estate Sale?

An estate sale is a way of liquidating the belongings of a family or estate. It’s a method of selling all or nearly all the contents of the home. The home or any other property owned by the estate can be sold as well. Reasons why someone would want to hold an estate sale includes but not limited to divorce, downsizing, debt, or death. Oftentimes, these situations can bring on not only emotional challenges but logistical challenges as well. Generally the situation most people find themselves in is that they need to sell and sell quickly. If that’s you we can help! 

With over 30 years experience in handling estates, our team here at Ron Gregory Realty & Auction can guide you through the entire process from beginning to end to help you sell all the personal property and possessions. We sell what you want sold. Whether it’s property and possessions or just possessions or just the property. We leave it up to you!

Onsite Live Auction Process

If you are wanting an onsite live auction here in Nashville, TN for your entire estate we will run a two week marketing program including but not limited to signage, brochures (mailed and couriered), social media ads, email campaigns, etc. We assist you (the seller) in getting the property ,”auction ready”. This could range from general cleanup/ debris removal to land clearing, surveys, etc. We also work with the court system and probate attorneys throughout the process. 

For personal items we come to the site prior to the auction and organize all saleable items to maximize sale prices. We sort, setup, etc. If we need professional appraisal on valuable items we discuss with you (the seller) prior to doing so. We come up with descriptions of each item to help bring attraction to that item. We will also take pictures of each of the items to use for the website and any and all marketing campaigns we do for the live auction.

We do all this so that you don’t have to worry about anything. Most of the time when a live auction has to happen it’s from an unfortunate life event. We understand that. That’s why we take the heavy lifting off you and do it for you. 

Online Auction Process

The online auction option is quickly becoming a preferred method in the digital age to sell both real estate and the personal items of a family or estate. For the real estate, we can sell your property solely online or we can start online bidding on your real estate for a specified timeframe. During that time frame we will accept bids online. We then hold a live auction (onsite) and online (simultaneously) which drives more traffic to the auction. The timeframe for an online auction depends on urgency, inventory, and other factors. We will work with you along with the data we have to provide you with the best recommended timeframe for your online real estate auction. 

For personal items, we utilize the auction method (eBay style) for selling items online. We come to the location of the items and photograph each one and create an inventory list. All photos are edited and put into an online catalog with detailed descriptions. The catalog is then uploaded to our online platform where the bidding will take place. Our online sales generally run 10-12 days and close out ebay style. For payment security, all bidders are required to register with a valid credit card.

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