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There’s no one method fits all for how estate sales work. There are several different ways in which an estate works. It just depends on what your overall needs are. 

A typical estate sale goes like this:

Everyone in attendance lines up in a first come first serve policy. Lines can start hours in advance for estate sales so if you’re a serious buyer and have some items in mind we suggest getting there early. In some situations, depending on the company running the sale, a number system is used. The number system is when numbers are handed out at a set time prior to the sale starting. This method may allow for you to not have to wait in line, however if you are looking to get a good number more likely than not you’ll have to wait in a first come first serve line to get a good number. Once you’ve got that number though you will no longer be required to wait in line. 

During the estate sales items are marked with a price. Just like you would when shopping at a store if you see an item you want you will have to pick it up and carry it with you until you are ready to check out. If the item is too large or heavy you can get an estate staff member and they can mark it as sold for you. Do not have a heavy item marked as sold if you are not positive you are going to get it. This goes against estate sale etiquette. It is not fair for you to mark an item as sold when there may have been another serious buyer who would have bought it right then and there. Some estate sales allow for bids if you do not want to pay the marked price on a certain item. Once again though if you decide that option it’s not guaranteed you’ll get to bid on the item as a buyer who’s willing to pay the marked price may come along and purchase that item. It’s a chance you will have to be willing to take. 

Here at Ron Gregory Realty and Auction, Inc. we make sure that all of our estate sales meet the needs of everyone involved. If you have specific items you are wanting to sell or just curious on an in depth look at how the process works give us a call at 615-851-9115. We would be happy to assist you. 

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