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Ron Gregory realized his passion for auctioneering when he saw and heard his father, Ed Gregory, rattle(cattle call) at the Trousdale Livestock Market, in Hartsville, TN.  Raised on a 40-acre farm in Bethpage, TN, Ron enjoyed watching the L & N Railroad trains roll across the front pasture twice a week from Nashville to Hartsville. The big Engine 98 would slow down as it came to the cattle guard and then take off again slowly as it built up speed. This sound of the locomotive’s rhythm and movement helped Ron to develop his auction chant. Ron regularly refers to Engine 98 when he is selling. 

In 1968, prior to being drafted, Ron joined the U.S. Marine Corps. This U. S. Marine completed a tour of duty during the Vietnam War serving as a Combat Engineer. He was a specialist in explosives, (e.g., C4 and TNT). Ron received several medals in the service including the Meritorious Service Medal for saving his platoon during combat.

Upon returning to the U.S., Ron sold cars from 1970-1984 becoming a top sales producer. In 1982 he acquired his auctioneer license serving a 3-year apprenticeship under Colonel Bill Hall, the last living auctioneer of the Nashville Livestock Market. In 1984, Ron established Ron Gregory & Son Horse and Mule Auction Company. Livestock rigs came from all around the country to attend these livestock auctions every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month.

Ron acquired his Real Estate License in 1986, and hung his license with Feller Brown Realty & Auction, Inc. in Madison, TN. Then, in 1994, he opened his own company, Ron Gregory Realty & Auction, Inc.(RGRA), which began in a small one-room office in a feed mill with a desk, phone, and a name on the wall. The company is now housed in a 3600 sq. ft. building just a short distance from its original location.

In 2000, Ron decided to pursue a dream he and his father had shared. He built the Ron Gregory Performance Arena in Castalian Springs, TN. The facility not only had a barn for horse and livestock auctions, but also an arena for live events such as rodeos, pow-wows, and various equestrian events. The performance arena was extremely popular and very time consuming. Ron decided to sell the arena
in 2007 to focus solely on his real estate and auction business.

In March of 2006, Ron’s son, Chris, acquired his Real Estate License. Chris passed his Broker Exam in 2012 and began to serve as the Principal Broker of RGRA. In March of 2020, a third-generation auctioneer was born when Chris received his auctioneer’s license and began his apprenticeship under
his dad. It’s a “Family Tradition”.

Today, Ron Gregory Realty & Auction, Inc. is recognized as one of the top real estate and auction companies in Tennessee. That is the road traveled to get to where RGRA is today. We would love for you to join us for where the road leads. We will help get you where you want to be.

The Auction Advantage

Time Definite

– Seller chooses the date the property will sell
– Property generally closes within 30 days of sale
– Seller creates the market giving seller control while creating a sense of urgency for buyers

Competition Drives Price

– Multiple bidders in real time create a highly competitive atmosphere
– All buyers know what the the other bidders are offering live and in person
– Open bidding insures highest possible price


– Marketing is direct and accelerated
– Seller property is singled out from everyday listings and spotlighted to drive more traffic
– Multiple Marketing avenues such as Social Media, T.V. ads, Google, Direct mail, Postcards, Professional Photography, etc.


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