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Auctioning your home has benefits for all involved including real estate agents, buyers, sellers, and brokers. Let’s break it down for you. 

Real estate auctions can be a live competitive, multiple-offer situation creating the potential to sell your property above market value. Emotions get involved causing higher bids. Most of the buyers at our experience have cash making it even more competitive.

A concern every seller has when selling their property is receiving market value. With an auction bidding allows for the property to sell at market value. It’s not guaranteed that the property will sell for or above market value but selling via the auction method, especially in the current market, is a great choice and can potentially bring even more that the private market. Especially since auctions usually have a lot of cash buyers. Cash buyers are ready to purchase!

When you hire a real estate auction company for your auction, there is always (as long as you hire a good, experienced company) a heavy emphasis on marketing. There are many different strategies employed to bring as many as possible to your auction. More people means more people means more competition. The more in attendance benefits both the buyers and the sellers. 

With a real estate auction the price only goes up. There is no placement of an offer then waiting on another potential buyer to then find out the market value has gone down. This process can be mundane and take too much time. 

Bidders in auctions are ready to buy. You save time by only dealing with serious buyers on the day of the auction. 

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