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Real estate auctions are an effective way to achieve a guaranteed sale on single-family homes, luxury homes, multifamily, commercial properties, land, lots, and farms. 

The following are 5 advantages to a real estate auction:

  1. Multiple Bidders
    Auctions will have multiple bidders competing for your property at the same time, whether live, online, or both at the same time,


  1. Already Qualified 

Bidders must have cash or secure financing making them qualified buyers for your property. With many cash buyers at auctions, those who need financing will have locked in their financing to make the process easier for you if they have the winning bid. All buyers put down a 10%-15% non-refundable deposit on the day of the sale. 


  1. Open House and Showings

Real estate auctions have one showing. The auctioneer can set a date prior to the auction or on the day of the auction for all interested bidders to visit your property. In some situations, sellers don’t allow the bidders to see inside the property before the auction. 


  1. Top Dollar Marketing 

Marketing is the key to a successful auction. A top notch marketing campaign brings the crowd. A professional, seasoned auction company like Ron Gregory Realty & Auction, Inc. can make or break a sale. 


  1. Quicker Selling Process

Real estate auctions are “time definite” meaning you don’t have to worry about how long it will take to sell your property or how many days it’s been on the market. An auction is a win for the seller and buyer as both the buyer, and you, the seller, know the date the property will close. 


This is 5 of the many advantages to selling your property through a real estate auction. If you are interested in selling your property through an auction contact us today. We would love to help! 

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