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Estate liquidation sales are a cost-effective way to sell the entire contents of a loved one’s estate (real estate and personal property). Job relocation, divorce resolution, job loss, and bankruptcy requirements are other factors behind an estate sale. In other instances, the homeowner may be retiring, moving away, or entering an assisted living facility.

Ron Gregory Realty & Auction, Inc. (RGRA) has specialized in real estate and estate asset liquidations since 1994.  We take care of everything involved in the sale process, which means that you don’t need to worry about anything except relocating and/or finalizing the estate.

The Process Is Quick and Receives Highest Market Value.

If an executor is looking to sell fast and receive top dollar, consider an estate liquidation sale. RGRA handles everything involved in the sale, so there’s no need to spend time searching for buyers or negotiating prices. They’ll make sure that your house sells quickly, by establishing a starting and ending date at the start of the process.

They Can Help You Decide What to Do About Personal Items.

Personal items are photographed, catalogued, and advertised through various media. It may be done online, in print form (postcards, brochures or catalogues). They will decide the best markets for your items to provide you the best value.

They Have Expertise in the Industry.

Our company has expertise in the industry. This means that we understand how to market houses quickly and effectively. We also know how to negotiate with buyers and sellers. We use social media as well as onsite and live cam.

They Can Save You Time & Money.

If you’re looking to sell your home and personal items fast, then you should consider an estate liquidation sale. RGRA works with the court and executors to provide the quickest and fastest way to help settle your estate. The property is advertised online through a variety of channels, getting multiple offers either online or at an on-site auction.

Ron Gregory and his team have been doing estate liquidations for over 30 years. Whether you have real estate or personal property to liquidate or looking to purchase through a liquidation sale, we can help!

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